You are Invited to Change Your Life!

Transformational Wellness Retreats – Create limitless possibilities.


Create Mana (energy) to Revitalize, Heal and Recharge the Mind, Body and Soul


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Costa Rica


Southern California


Located in beautiful Southern California, Align Now offers luxury transformational wellness retreats around the world. Create limitless possibilities and Align Your Life!

Create Mana (energy) to Revitalize, Heal and Recharge the Mind, Body and Soul


About Us

From my many yoga retreats, lifelong journey to heal myself and others, travel across the globe, desire to raise my vibration & life force came my inspiration to start my company Align Now! 

My insatiable quest to heal my past tramas in the mind and body both real and fictional led me across the world meeting powerful healers and eagerly trying any and all healing modalities.  From my devotion to my own healing I was able to uncover what really works and separate out the real from gimmicky practices.  

On one of my retreats there were many pro atheletes and highly successful indivduals all learning a particular method that was a game changer from anything I had ever experienced before, frequency training.  I experienced a complete tune up, clearing and charge up of my energy centers and starting functioning and vibrating at a higher level.  My entire world started to change after that very fast and I knew that I needed to learn this powerful method and share it with the world.

I created this program because I truly want to help others and I know it works!  Life really is magical when you adjust your frequency.  Everything and anything is possible.  If you can think it, it can happen.  Let me help you get there.  Your new life is waiting…

Get in the Flow

You are Invited to Change Your Life!

There are two ways to go about life: you can learn to flow with life and go towards the future you want or you can spend your life waiting for it to somehow come around. Wait for the stars to align, or you can reach for the stars and align them yourself. Are you waiting or aligning?

When we’re in alignment, we flow with life and doors begin to open effortlessly. Being in alignment is the key to a happy and successful life. But how do you get in to that flow state? Spend an amazing life transforming week on a world class retreat with us and learn how to create the life you are destined to live…now!

Our retreat guests change their life in style.  Get help with your health, career, fitness, becoming the best version of yourself, champion athlete, getting unstuck, figuring out what’s next, building confidence, dating and relationships, life and money. Whatever you desire our team will help you get there.

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The Aligned Path


We start by evaluating your current state, create goals and a clear vision of your new life


We show you how to truly let go by releasing any tension, blocks and completely clear and charge up your energy centers shifting your frequency.


We give you tools and techniques to realign your mind and body to get you into your natural flow state and stay there more consistently

The Experience

Experience Yoga, Fitness Classes and Mindfulness Meditation Journeys led by top ranked instructors

  • Re-energize and heal the body with massage, energy balancing and reiki energy clearing sessions
  • Re-Awaken the soul with sound baths, live music and dancing
  • Bliss out in nature! Our destinations include sun, hiking and water adventures

Enjoy amazing organic cuisine prepared by our 5 star chef with fine wine pairings. Hydrate with mind clearing and stimulating antioxidant infused water and teas

“Its never too late to be what you might have been.”

-Mary Anne Evans

Contact Us

Liz Potter
Align Life Now
CEO – Alignment / Frequency Coaching, Anusara Yoga, TM Meditation Instructor, Energy Healer and Transformation Catalyst

Your Next Step

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Transformational Wellness Retreats – Create limitless possibilities.

Create Mana (energy) to Revitalize, Heal and Recharge the Mind, Body and Soul


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